Boost Your Yoga Practice Through Technology in 2021

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Guest post written by: Shelia Johnson

We all lead hectic lives, and it can feel like our constant attention to technology doesn’t help. When you can answer work emails on your personal phone or get social media updates at a glance, it’s hard to get a moment to yourself. Perhaps this is why you’ve turned to yoga. To extract yourself from the hustle and bustle so you can truly focus on yourself.

If your practice, however, could use some attention, maybe it’s time to turn to your technology as a way to set your intentions and expand your growth. How? Keep track of your yoga sessions with fitness-related reminder apps and connect to live online yoga sessions and classes. Here are three specific tips to make your yoga practice fit into your day.

Find a Well-Trained, Enjoyable Teacher — Online

If you need to practice yoga in a group to stay on track, that doesn’t mean you have to drive to your nearest yoga studio. Join a live mobile class that pairs you with an instructor or even a whole class. It may take a bit of getting used to, but mobile live-streaming classes actually have many of the same social benefits of attending an in-person yoga class. You can also get the same helpful tips and posture help from the instructor. 

These classes are especially useful if your schedule is always jam-packed or you frequently travel for work. Find a class that matches your schedule or join a community that always has a class going so you’re set for every time (and time zone). If you plan to stream out of wifi range, make sure your data plan can carry you through. A great way to avoid overage charges is to shop for prepaid phone plans. These can allow you to buy exactly what you need so you can always keep your practice in check wherever you are.

Last but not least, make sure you have a neat, clean, and decluttered space in your home for your online yoga lessons. Not only will doing so provide you with plenty of room to execute poses, but eliminating clutter and chaos can have a calming effect on your whole household.

Keep Track of Your Sessions

The first step to staying on track with your yoga sessions is to schedule them with an alarm. One of the most convenient time slots for many people is early in the morning. You may have to wake up slightly earlier, but it’s typically a peaceful time and a good way to start your day. Others may prefer a lunch session, an afternoon session, or a class right after work. The evenings should be reserved for less strenuous yoga sessions so you can wrap up your day.

Unfortunately, not every day will go according to schedule. You might find yourself hitting snooze because you need a few extra minutes of sleep. Maybe you’re staying late after work because it’s the end of the quarter. No matter what’s going on, it’s okay to skip, delay, or shrink a yoga session. There are even apps that provide breathing exercises and workplace-friendly stretches — it’s not yoga, but it’s close.

The main tip to keep in mind is that you should still track when you snooze or skip. Without a quantitative log, you might feel like you’re practicing more often than you are but are somehow still falling short of your flexibility goals. Trackers are a great way to determine when a specific time slot just isn’t working out.

Schedule Sessions for as Little as 7 Minutes

Yoga sessions don’t have to be 30 or 60 minutes to be “real yoga,” so enjoy the time you have. There are plenty of different classes — pre-recorded or otherwise — that are radically different lengths. Build up your library of resources so you can click to the best tools for a 20-minute, 10-minute, or even 7-minute session without having to browse around. In fact, try intentionally scheduling several durations at different points of the day. This can help you experiment with different types of yoga and actually keep you on track. After all, it’s better to do a short session than to try but not quite manage to start a longer one.

Technology can feel like it’s getting in the way of a healthy, deliberate lifestyle. But if you pick the right apps and use your phone wisely, it can actually help you improve your practice. 

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