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Abdominal Binders Post Cesarean Section

So much is “new and unknown” when becoming a new mom, especially for the first time. How to optimize your recovery if you have a cesarean section though should not be unclear. This post explains what an abdominal binder is and how it may help with pain control, improve mobility status, facilitate muscle recovery, and manage symptom distress post-operatively.

Back to the Basics – A Simple Exercise Program to Help Facilitate Function and Flatten the ‘Mommy Tummy’

Moms everywhere may need to take it back to the basics to reach their fitness goals. A recent article in the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy outlines a specific abdominal retraining exercise program that helped postpartum women decrease the inter-recti distance below their belly button. In decreasing the gap, they are demonstrating better pressure management and mastering of activating the abdominal muscles efficiently so they can be strengthened effectively. This will avoid putting outward pressure on the abdominal wall which inevitably prevents losing the mommy tummy. A little bit of patience and a lot of committed mindfulness for technique can go a longs way.