Abdominal Binders Post Cesarean Section

So much is “new and unknown” when becoming a new mom, especially for the first time. How to optimize your recovery if you have a cesarean section though should not be unclear. This post explains what an abdominal binder is and how it may help with pain control, improve mobility status, facilitate muscle recovery, and manage symptom distress post-operatively.

Travel Tips + Four Important Stretches to do at the Airport

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Want to know some of the best mom hacks to traveling with kids through an airport? In today’s post, we’ll discuss tips to help your next airplane ride and public transportation experience with children go more smoothly. It’s quite possible you may feel exhausted just getting through security and to your gait while handling luggage and children, and if chasing kids around the airport while you wait to board the plane isn’t enough exercise in itself, read further. This post also teaches you four simple ways to keep your body moving and feeling well while at the airport to prevent that post-travel stiffness and soreness we all dread.

The Big Three Ways to use a Foam Roller to Improve Your Posture

Are you a new mama and experiencing neck or upper back pain? The long hours you spend feeding your baby can inevitably lead to forward head and rounded shoulder posture if you aren’t mindful of your posture during this life-sustaining duty you do multiple times a day. Read on to learn three easy ways to use a simple foam roller to help keep you moving better so you can mom better…without lingering neck or shoulder blade pain!

3 Simple Strategies for Runners Who Leak

If you are one of the 50% of women who routinely experience incontinence (urine or bowel leakage) when you run, but won’t take “just stop running” as an answer, this post is for you. Learn three simple strategies you could try by being more aware of your body’s posture and function next time you hit the trail or treadmill.

A Better Way to Breathe & The Right Way to Kegel

What is the right way to do a kegel? How many should I do? My doctor told me to just “squeeze down there”? What does that even mean? This post explores how using a specific breathing pattern can help you better activate your pelvic floor muscles in order to more effectively do the traditional kegel exercise.

What is the Pelvic Floor?

Pelvic floor 101. What is it? Where is it? What does it do? Everything you want to know about the pelvic floor and why you should care about it as a mother who has been pregnant or delivered a child either vaginally or by c-section.

Pumping Tips for Hiking and Camping

Don’t let the fear of pumping keep you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. Check out this list for 8 must-haves before taking off on your next camping trip or hitting the trail.